Resilient Bourbon (Indiana)
Barrels #1–10

Aged in newly charred American oak 53 gallon barrels and bottled up one barrel at a time

Distilled at MGP in Indiana

Bottled up in Bardstown, KY

Distilled on 05/2006

Char #4

107 Proof; 53.5% alc/vol

Mash bill 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley



Barrel #1
Bottled on 09/2017
147 bottles


On the nose, cherry and red berries. Pleasantly floral with a touch of violet petals, and orange blossoms. Vanilla and toffee are the backbone with a dose of wood char. With a medium to full mouthfeel, spice jumps up front. White pepper and anise lead with orchard fruit, toffee, vanilla, and anise. The finish is pleasantly lengthy with spice dominating, and slowly giving way to sweet wood sugars and anise. A lively and easily drinkable gem.



Barrel #2
Bottled on 09/2017
151 bottles
BTI rating: 89 points
Silver medal
Date Tasted: 11/28/2017


The nose on this Bourbon is on the sweeter side with vanilla soaked oak char and cherry leaping ever so gracefully from the glass. The mouthfeel is on the fuller side. Dry oak char and syrupy vanilla mix perfectly on the tongue with a dose of orchard fruit on the backside. Pleasant and round with great balance. The finish is warming with vanilla soaked cherry lasting longest and dry anise framing. A dangerously drinkable daily sipper.



Barrel #3
Bottled on 06/2017
140 bottles


On the nose, toffee, vanilla, candied orange segments, cinnamon, and cooked corn. Decent palate with cinnamon encrusted baked apples on the tastes with a dose of clove underneath. Pleasantly warming finish with spice lingering.



Barrel #4
Bottled on 11/2016
153 bottles


Vanilla cake frosting and cooked grain with baking spice on the nose. On the taste, gobs of black cherry and vanilla soaked clove. Lovely mouthfeel. The finish is lengthy with berry, baked orchard fruit and cinnamon lingering with clove. Great drinking Bourbon.



Barrel #5
Bottled on 09/2017
133 bottles


On the nose, brown sugar, marshmallows, apple skins, clove, and vanilla. Mouthfeel is medium to full. On the taste, white pepper, anise, and vanilla lead the way with baked orchard fruit and toffee in the background. The pleasant finish is tingly with hints of orchard fruit skins appearing slightly after a nice dose of anise and vanilla. A pleasantly austere workhorse that will shine neat, or in a cocktail.



Barrel #6
Bottled on 06/2017
160 bottles


Roasted grain and charred oak on the nose with vanilla soaked pear and apple underneath.  On the taste, spicy hot cinnamon with soft red fruits winning out. The finish is lovely with red cherry and apple lingering alongside spicy cinnamon and clove. Gorgeous.



Barrel #7
Bottled on 09/2017
163 bottles


Cherry and vanilla syrup on the nose with a touch of baked orchard fruits. Mouthfeel is pleasant and round. On the taste, baked orchard fruits lead the way with vanilla, clove, and pepper in the background. The finish is warming with pepper and clove leading, and vanilla soaked orchard fruits fading last. A sublimely drinkable delight.



Barrel #8
Bottled on 11/2016
175 bottles


Big vanilla cake and toffee notes on the nose. Cooked grain and cinnamon clove underneath. Delicate on the taste and finish with toffee and vanilla leading a bouquet of sweet red fruits. The finish fades softly with subtle clove and round vanilla. Easy sipper.



Barrel #9
Bottled on 11/2016
158 bottles


Brown sugar encrusted baked apples on fresh bread. Cinnamon, clove, butter and charred oak. Fat, round, and perfect on the taste. Big round dark cherry flavors, clove, baked pear, cinnamon and clove. Finish is lovely with cinnamon lingering alongside vanilla and oak spice.



Barrel #10
Bottled on 11/2016
148 bottles


Vanilla and butterscotch coated grain and orchard fruits. Stunning on the mouthfeel. On the taste, anise, vanilla, butterscotch, apple, pear, dark cherry and cinnamon in perfect harmony. The finish is slow and pleasant. Apples, cinnamon, and clove fading ever so softly away. Lovely.